welcome to my personal travel blog

i’ve started this blog in 2008 when start moving to other countries around the world, mostly for working. same tourist travels. you will see a country in different light, if you really lived and worked in a place and not just for sight seeing !

i am visual artist and technical director. i am writing/scripting software, light and render shots, create simulation for water/fire effects and all kind of FX. high complex visual effects are may favorite problems for solving it. in my free time, i am also practice a lots of modeling, sculpting, 2d painting, live painting and writing novels.

you can find me on twitter and drop me drop lines if you want.

german (native)
english (kind of fluent)
portugese (in progress)

heribertraab (at) gmail.com


Disclaimer 2: the above is the author’s personal opinion and is not the opinion or policy of his employer.

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