Nikon V1 and Nikkor 32mm F1.2 fieldtest


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first real test of my new Nikkor 32mm f1.2 lens. a children birthday party. the 32mm (85mm in filmframe) was a little to long inside a small house but it did a great job. i was surprised, how well it performed, considering how dark the rooms was and lots backlight from outside. the small 1inch sensor of V1 perform well and autofocus was most of the time on spot. it was actually much darker then is appears on the photos.
sure, a nikon B810 with sigma art lens give me better sharper images and more resolution, but this camera setup is 7times heavier and the autofocus would be slower. also the kids would distracted my the huge camera/lens setup.

nikon V1 Motion Snapshot feature


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the nikon V1 motion snapshot is actually a neat feature. Then the camera stretches the movie vignette to create a 2.5-second slow motion movie and combines it with the still image and one of the 4 tunes available. it capture the pictures before you press fully the release botton, during and after the release. the way you never miss the perfect moment. typically, you press release botton too late you miss beginning of the moment. but this feature works great. it just come handy on a kids birthday.

the 32mm F1.2 lens did a good job as well. the scene was darker then it appears in the Photos. it nailed the focus correct and i get series of nice images.

some examples of the picture sequence:

filmcamera: Nikon EM vs Nikon V1


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i bought old Nikon EM camera on eBay for 45$. this camera is considered as nikon’s “camera for woman” back 1979. its light, small and easy to use. sounds familiar to me. it sounds like Nikon V1 system. it seems like nikon V1 is pardon to old nikon EM film camera. one reason more to try it out. i will get me film, batteries and try it out the old school way.


the camera next to my nikon V1:


compared to my canon 500D:


lens shootout : Nikkor 32mm vs sigma 17-70mm part 1


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its actually a really unfair comparison, because the sigma is macro lens and nikon a portrait lens. the Sigma 17-70 F2.8 Macro is considered as all around lens and the nikon could considered it was well. the nikon lens 32mmF1.2 have really close focus distance for this kind of lens (which good for macro) and also smaller sensor of the nikon1 system make much less intense out of focus blurs, compared to a fullframe or APS-C sensor (which is good for landscape).
also a comparsion between DSLR Canon 500D with APS-C sensor and mirrorless Camera Nikon V1 with much smaller 1’inch Sensor is not really fair. but i will do it anyway. also need need some pictures for my upcoming sigma17-70mm F2.8 and nikkor 1 32mm F1.2 lens review.

ok lets start with marco shoots:
sigma 17-70mm –> @70mm @F4.5 iso320 1/80 –> canon 500D
70mm_f4.5_iso320_80 013

sigma 17-70mm –> @17mm @F4.5 iso100 1/25 –> canon 500D
17mm_f4.5_iso100_25 012

nikkor 1 32mm –> @F2.0 iso220 1/350 –> nikon V1
32mm_f2_iso220_350 008

nikkor 1 32mm –> @F1.2 iso100 1/250 –> nikon V1

scene 2:
nikkor 1 32mm –> @F1.2 iso100 1/640 –> nikon V1
32mm_f12_iso100_640 002

nikkor 1 32mm –> @F2.8 iso160 1/250 –> nikon V1
32mm_f28_iso160_250 001

sigma 17-70mm –> @17mm @F2.8 iso100 1/80 –> canon 500D
17mm_f28_iso100_80 004

sigma 17-70mm –> @70mm @F4.5 iso160 1/150 –> canon 500D
70mm_f45_iso160_100 005

sigma 17-70mm –> @70mm @F4.5 iso100 1/125 –> canon 500D
this one is on manuell focus (the lens or camera couldn’t any focuspoints)
70mm_f45_iso320_100 003

vintage lens: comparsion 16mm vs fullframe


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i did little comparison between 16mm lens on 1 inch from nikon V1 and 35mm fullframe lens on APS-C sensor on Sony NEX5T. both lenses have similar prices on ebay for used models. (less than 80$) both lenses are pretty sharp.

nikon V1: iso 100, @F1.4, 25mm, vintage super16-C mount lens:

100% crop
sony NEX5T: iso 200, @f1.4, olympus Zukio 50mm,f1.4, vintage fullframe lens:


fullsize images:
nikon V1: iso 100, @F1.4, 25mm, vintage super16-C mount lens:
sony NEX5T: iso 200, @f1.4, olympus Zukio 50mm, vintage fullframe lens: